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Thanks to its low profile design and absolutely smooth surface, the Apple Magic Mouse is so unique that it gives a completely new feeling when working on a Mac. The first pleasure the user receives from its pure and elegant design. Then he touches it and instantly notes how comfortable the mouse fits in his hand. But all the benefits of Magic Mouse can be appreciated only if you start to use it.
The magic of multi-touch gestures. Magic Mouse cardinally changes the idea of ​​the possibilities of the mouse. Touching her sleek case, you can perform the same functions as when you press one or two buttons of a normal mouse. In addition, the Magic Mouse touch surface supports multi-touch gestures. You can scroll as you like — vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and even 360 degrees — simply by swiping your finger on any part of the mouse surface. Now the user has even more space to scroll, which means that you can even further navigate the iMovie timeline, the long Safari web pages or photo albums in iPhoto. Pages in Safari and images in iPhoto can be flipped through with two fingers. This is the most perfect mouse created by Apple.
One or two. Left or right. The smooth surface of the Magic Mouse works as a single button, so at a glance, it’s easy to figure out how to use it. For those who prefer a mouse with two buttons, also there will be no problems. Just change the settings in the System Settings. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, the Magic Mouse is convenient for both right-handed and left-handed users.
Laser tracking mechanism. Magic Mouse is equipped with a powerful laser tracking mechanism. It surpasses all traditional optical technologies in the sensitivity and quality of the reaction. Therefore, the mouse will work clearly on almost any surface, and it will not need a mat.
Bluetooth technology. Magic Mouse connects to your Mac using Bluetooth wireless technology. In combination with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, it helps to maintain full order on the desktop – without wires.


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