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He has become even faster and more powerful. Lighter and thinner. It has the brightest screen and the best color rendering of all Mac laptops. For the first time, a Touch Bar with Multi-Touch gestures is integrated into its keyboard. This intelligent control provides quick access to functions at the exact moment when you need them. New MacBook Pro is based on the most advanced ideas. And he has everything for your embodiment.

Touch Bar and Touch ID are a completely new feature of Mac.
For a very long time, the top line of the keyboard was occupied by function keys. It’s time to replace them with a more versatile and convenient control element – the Touch Bar touch panel. Depending on what you do, certain tools are automatically displayed on it. For example, the familiar volume and brightness controls, photo and video control functions, predictive text input and many others. And on the Mac for the first time appeared technology Touch ID. Therefore, now you can instantly log into your accounts, as well as quickly and safely pay for purchases using Apple Pay.

Maybe all and even more.
The new MacBook Pro sets entirely new standards for notebook power and portability. You can embody any idea, because at your disposal the most advanced graphics processors and drives, incredible computing power, and much, much more.

The brightest screen and the best color rendering of all Mac laptops.
The new MacBook Pro has the best screen in Mac history. Enhanced LED backlighting and improved contrast have allowed for deeper blacks and brighter white colors. The increased pixel aperture and variable refresh rate have made the device more energy efficient than previous generation models. For the first time, a Mac laptop supports enhanced color gamut, which means that green and red colors look even more alive. Thanks to this, the image has become more realistic, and the colors – more natural and saturated. It is ideal for graphic design, color grading and video editing.

Loud premiere. New sound system.
For speakers, a completely new design was developed. It allowed to expand the dynamic range twice and make the new speakers up to 58% louder. At the same time, the volume of the bass increased 2.5 times. Listen, this is impressive. And since the new sound system is connected directly to the power supply channel, its peak power has increased three times. That’s why MacBook Pro is perfect for making music, even if you are outside the studio. And for editing, if you need to collect videos right on the set. Or when on the road I wanted to watch a movie.

Improved keyboard. Advanced trackpad.
Interaction with the MacBook Pro has become even more comfortable. The developers improved the keyboard by developing a new generation of the butterfly mechanism for its keys. As a result, pressing has become more natural and pleasant. And the Force Touch trackpad has become more convenient. The developers have increased its size so that you have even more space for clicks and gestures.

The most powerful and versatile port.
Thunderbolt 3 combines high bandwidth with the functionality of a standard USB-C interface. The result was a very fast and incredibly versatile port. It allows you to transfer data, charge devices and display the video on additional monitors through the same connector. At the same time, its speed is twice as high as that of the Thunderbolt 2. On both sides of the MacBook Pro, there are two such powerful ports so that you can connect accessories both to the left and to the right. And you can connect previously purchased devices with just one cable or cable with an adapter. Since the Thunderbolt 3 port is absolutely symmetrical, when connecting, you do not need to think where the connector is at the top and where is the bottom.


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