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Thin. Light. Powerful. And ready for anything.

13-inch MacBook Air now works without recharging for up to 12 hours. You can drink your morning coffee and go to work – you will not need the wires until the evening. And when you want to relax, you can watch movies on iTunes for up to 12 hours. MacBook Air has a standby time of up to 30 days — you can leave it for a few weeks and go back to work from where you left off as if you were not going anywhere.


Flash drives make the MacBook Air incredibly thin and light – its thickness is only 1.7 cm and its weight is 1.35 kg. In addition, they use semiconductor technology without moving parts. So, they are reliable, durable and silent. And they take up much less space than a traditional hard drive – about 90% less. This frees up space for other important components, such as a larger capacity battery. Therefore, you get a laptop that weighs almost nothing and works all day. The present embodiment of mobility.


The MacBook Air has a full-sized keyboard — as comfortable as a desktop keyboard. And thanks to the backlight, you can type text even in dim lighting. The built-in sensor responds to changes in lighting and automatically adjusts the brightness of the keyboard and screen, providing the optimal level of illumination in all conditions.


MacBook Air flash drives run up to 17 times faster than traditional laptop hard drives running at 5400 rpm. Any tasks are performed quickly and smoothly. And thanks to a combination of flash drives and Intel Core processors, the MacBook Air wakes up from sleep even faster than before.


Each new Mac has Photo, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps so you can get started right away or get creative. You will also find excellent applications for email, the Internet, text messages, FaceTime video calls, and even for finding new applications.


Multi-Touch technology is used in almost all Apple devices. This is the best and most intuitive way to communicate with them. And in a laptop, multi-touch gestures are best done on the trackpad. And the MacBook Air is no exception. It is equipped with a large trackpad with a solid glass surface. This trackpad has no buttons because it is all one big button.


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